Monthly Archives: August 2010

Thoughts on Procrastination

It’s an epidemic, or at least it seems to be. One simply waits until the last minute to act on something, even when given ample time to complete the task. Why is that?

I think the answer is simple: lack of motivation.

Motivation is key to getting something done. If you have little to no motivation, it’s going to take you longer to accomplish something–that is, if you accomplish it at all. In today’s society it seems to be okay to let things slide with a promise that “we’ll make up for it later,” only to have “later” never come, someone else pick up the slack, and the issue dropped or forgotten.

But it’s not okay to procrastinate. This isn’t a clinical study or anything, but I have noticed that when I procrastinate, it’s stressful. I don’t forget about what I have to do. It’s still there, each day, reminding me that I need to get it done. It slowly stresses me out, and if I keep thinking “I’ll do it tomorrow” or “I’ll do it next week” and so on, I often end up scrambling to get it done right before it’s due. Or, if there is no deadline, the project just hangs over me for days…weeks…months… You get the picture. Procrastinating is a stressful thing, and not only is it bad for you because of that, it’s also bad because of the obvious: you’re putting off what you need to do right now. And yet, every day, people nonchalantly decide to themselves “I’ll do it later”…

So why do we procrastinate? Continue reading