Spring Cleaning!!

Perhaps once I get the rest of my room how I want it, I’ll do another meme or room tour thing?

Lately I’ve been extremely motivated to get rid of all the junk and unnecessary stuff in my room, so that’s what I’ve been doing on and off for the past two weeks or more. I’ve gotten to where I just can’t stay in a cluttered space for long ;A; I like being able to see everything I use most often, and have easy access to the things I don’t use as much (but still need).

The difficulty in clearing out clutter, I think, is of course the initial problem of not knowing what to do with the items–should you toss it, recycle it, give it away, reuse it somewhere else?–but the other part of it is storing the stuff you’re going to deal with later in the meantime. I have clothes that I would wear if I altered them, but I can’t do that yet and they have to sit somewhere until I can. I have papers to shred and stuff to recycle, but in the meantime that stuff has to wait for me to do that.


Also, there are some things I want to give away as a set, but some of those items are at my grandmother’s house (which is a good hour or so away and going there is typically a day trip), so that stuff also has to sit around and wait…

I have considered selling some of my unwanted items, such as Shonen JUMP and Teen Vogue issues, some manga, cards, and clothes, but found that typically it isn’t ideal to do so. (Really, when even as few as five other people are already selling their copies of Teen Vogue on Ebay and no one is buying, why should I think that mine would sell?) Instead, I clipped out the interesting parts of my Teen Vogue magazines and recycled the rest, and I’m doing the same with all of my Shonen JUMPs, except for the ones that ran the original Yu-gi-oh!, because I will recycle those later.

Pokemon cards are so common that selling them would be difficult, I think, especially since most of the ones I own personally are from the original releases, which aren’t worth very much. My brother has newer cards, which he’s either given to me or left them in my room so long I don’t know if he remembers he has them, but even so, only the super rares and holofoils are what interest people, it seems.

I no longer want any of my Naruto cards either, but in searching I found out that it hasn’t been in production since 2013. Being out-of-print might mean decreased value based purely on playability. (That and I can’t find any price list newer than 2009, and none of them include every single card, only the ones of interest…)

Still, I’d rather sell these than just throw them away. XD


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