[Site Update] Conversion Complete!

It was a little stressful copying my blog over here because I kept getting 500 internal server errors when uploading the XML file. Thanks to a quick search, I found someone who had had the same problem and used a method similar to theirs to fix said problem–I went to the previous page and submitted the info again each time the 500 error came up, and bit by bit, everything got uploaded! XD

After that I had to do a lot of rearranging and page merging/deleting, and it’s still not fully done (ex. I want the “Store” button to link straight to my store) but it’s functional as-is, so I won’t fret over it. ^^

In the way of design, at least two new headers will be uploaded tomorrow, and I’ll start working on the CSS to make the current theme a little brighter, change the orange flag-things to blue or something, and make the links a different color as well.

…Wow. It’s a relief to have finally done this; I was putting it off for the longest time because I was afraid of screwing up my site, but…everything’s fine! Even despite 500 error messages! Thank you, God!

I will say it’s kind of weird, though. I’ve had my “Yuki no Kotoba” blog for nearly four years, and moving it to my own domain makes me feel nostalgic somehow. Kinda lame, I guess, but whatever. ๐Ÿ˜› Thanks for supporting me this far and I hope you will continue to support me, even at a different URL!

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