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This Saturday we are going to the Nashville Cherry Blossom Festival again! I’m really, reeeeeeally hoping for clear and warm weather, though the forecast once again predicts it to be cold and rainy. 🙁 It’s kind of annoying…will it be cold and wet for three years in a row? I guess we’ll see. ☂

The past week–I guess I can say that now because it’s Thursday?–has been a flurry of activity for me. It seems that the days have blurred together. @-@ I think this is because when I get excited about something, I tend to focus on only that thing for a period of time, neglect everything else, and feel scatterbrained while trying to maintain everything else, ultimately leading up to me getting burnt out. Remember: balance!

Anyway, what I’ve gotten excited about recently is writing. Not that it’s writing in particular, but… Like…I have original story ideas and stories written (in draft stage, that is), but have only just realized that I don’t necessarily have to make them novels or manga as I originally thought… I can write light novels instead. This occurred to me when I realized I could write the story and insert illustrations, perhaps even short comic pages, to help it along. This would also help my little brother, assuming he read my stories, because the pictures would help break up the pages of text to make it less daunting for him to read.

So what I’ve been doing is twofold: first, I sketched out a story idea for my original character Enko; next, I went through my story ideas and excerpts and I have been reworking them! Enko will have one book entirely her own, and then another book will take place in the same world. It’s been seriously redone though! It’s much different from when it started, as I removed a lot of stuff and switched things around. It’s exciting because I think I can actually do it. I don’t have to just write fanfiction. ヽ(*・ω・)ノ

Um…in other news, I need to juice and finish my assignment. Oh! That reminds me! I haven’t really blogged at all about AIS lately! Hm…I will definitely write a post covering the first review book, which is the book I’m doing after I finish my current assignment. So far I have straight As! I’ll do my best to keep it that way!! (ง •̀_•́)ง

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