16 Days Til Christmas

21. Gifts
20. Traditions
19. Music
18. SNOW
17. Storage
16. Cards
For a while (prior to the divorce) we got a list of all the people in the church and we would send cards out to all of them. It took a lot of cards and a lot of stamps! I don’t think we really personalized any of them, though…
Other church members would also get those lists and mail out cards, so every year we would get tons of cards in the mail or handed directly to us. Sometimes we also got cards from school and friends, and we’d always get cards from our extended family members. My parents’ workplaces would also give out cards of some sort.
We sent cards also to our family members and some friends, but again, not many of them were personalized, unless we bought them individually rather than in those ready-to-go box sets.

I know a lot of families like to personalize their Christmas cards with family portraits/photos, often of either the entire family or the kids… I like seeing those types of cards also, because they’re sweet reminders of your loved ones…it’s like they’re visiting you, spending Christmas right next to you, with you~

Since 2009 I have done special Christmas pictures that I think of as cards… It’s a way for me to give to everyone all at once, especially when I upload it online. A lot of other artists do this as well, so I know it’s not exactly unique, but I do think that it’s personally unique and special…you put yourself into the holiday, into the spirit of Christmas!

I’m still contemplating my picture for this Christmas, and I’m sure my parents are still contemplating how many Christmas cards they’ll send, but whatever we decide to do it will be straight from the heart. ♥

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