So it’s about midnight here and I’m about to go to bed…closing out open windows on Safari and turning off my Windows PC and stuff…and I realized something. It’s November. Which means that December is next month. Which means Christmas. Which means that New Year’s is just around the corner.
And my birthday is next week, on the tenth.
And since it’s November, it’s NaNoWriMo, or National Novel Writing Month. This is a world-wide challenge/contest that just about anyone can enter (that means you!) and all it requires is that you write a novel from scratch with at least 50,000 words in it…all in one month. I’ve…never actually done it, and I can’t really do it this November (artbook! *pumps fist*) but I think it’s a really cool idea and it would be nice to try to participate at least once.
So…since I can’t participate this year, I had the idea to do one picture a day. Now, instead of a 50,000 word goal, the goal is to not only draw a minimum of one picture a day, but to make it a full CG in 3-4 hours. Maybe a max of 5. That once the time limit is up, that picture must be uploaded to this blog as a No-WIP (November-Work-in-Progress). If it’s completed within the time limit of five hours, it can be uploaded as a thumbnail or a full picture; a thumbnail if it’s going to be in my artbook.

The idea is to increase my productivity while training myself to CG faster…sketch faster, line-art faster, etc. This will undoubtedly help me finish what’s left to finish in my artbook, and I’ll continue to improve in the process!

I know there’s already the thing of “sketch one thing every day” and maybe trying to do a full CG is a bit too much but…it’s worth a try, I think. Besides, my average time on a CG is 5-8 hours anyway.

So… Well, there’s no picture today (though now it’s the second, so there’s no picture for yesterday) because I just now came up with the idea, but I’ll upload one tomorrow! ( And finishing existing pictures counts! >w< I'm hoping that being very open/public about the whole process/whatever will help motivate me all the more and make it even more fun. Because it really is fun. I just forget that sometimes. ^^;

So…uh…GOOD MORNING to everyone on the eastern side of my current location… Good morning to the US, Europe…
And good afternoon to everyone in Asia~
But for me…good NIGHT. I am going to bed. ^ω^

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