Daily Art: Secret Light

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Secret Light (art by me~)
So here is day one (again, I didn’t actually do one for yesterday, November 1st, because that’s when I came up with the idea). This is a picture I already had in my ‘sketchpad’ SAI document for over a week, and today I finished it in under five hours (probably about 3-4)~ I’d actually forgotten I had the brush set to canvas mode but I didn’t bother changing it; I just did the whole picture using the canvas texture. ^^ Don’t know if you can actually see it though.

Also, the drawing and coloring was done entirely on one layer, except for the light in the girl’s hands…and I tried the painting thing again…

The background texture is by me. I have a download pack for it but sometime last year Mediafire cleared out all of my files (I didn’t see the warning emails until the week after I came back from wherever I was–Fall Retreat?). It’s compressed and on another computer that is disassembled, so I just have the individual files on my XP system. And I don’t have a program like WinZip for XP to compress the files YET, so…when I get one I’ll compress and reupload them. ^^

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