Found “old” art

(Read in part on dA) ~ Here are the photos! I don’t know if you can full-view them or not…

Art from 2008 and earlier

This first batch is pretty diverse! In the original stack, the picture on the top left was the first one I saw–and it’s one I don’t remember drawing! the eye style I used at that time was a very unique one, I think, but it only lasted for a little while. I drew in this style when I first started drawing Naruto OCs. It makes sense, then, that the two characters in that picture are both personas of me for Naruto.

The second picture is, of course, Sasuke…though again I don’t really remember this picture. I think I recall drawing it, but I don’t remember the reason or meaning behind it. The next picture is an earlier one, probably from mid-seventh grade (2007?) which displays strange proportion but a nice pose. The last picture on that top row is a more recent (read: better) one, probably early 2008 (ninth grade). I had intended to enter it in a contest, but never did. I think I submitted something else…?

Second row, from left: a typical Naruto OC profile; this one is for Murasaki Yuko. One of the first pictures I submitted to deviantART was a picture with Yuko, Naruto, and Sasuke, so you can look for that in my gallery if you like. c: I read the profile, and…she really is a bit Sue-ish…though not entirely…not as much as my past-main Naruto OC, Kana…lol.
Next is a very random picture of a girl in blue. This was part of a colored pencil series I did in eighth grade. I know I drew it, but I don’t remember doing so… O.o The third picture is a scrap comic of one of my many “nowhere ideas”…this particular story was not unlike Tokyo Mew Mew, though it had only three main character ‘fighter girls’, vampires, and angels. This particular page from the scrap comic is one of the more recent ones, but I don’t remember doing it, so I can’t place it on a timeline…
The final picture is another “nowhere idea” based off of W.I.T.C.H.. It’s called H.O.P.E.S. and the fifth character is on the other side of the paper. I’d guess I did this in seventh grade, judging from lack of proper proportions.

Art from 2008 and earlier

This spread shows another “nowhere idea” that was a book series. Each book went with one letter of the alphabet and featured its own manga character with some sort of symbol. Perhaps they all came together at the end of the series to defeat the “boss of evil” or something…
Below that you can see a form of some sort on the left. What is that? Well, my friend Azuri and I had planned to start our own publishing company after finishing school…so I made several documents that pertained to that. This questionnaire is one of them!
Next to that is a partially-stapled stack of notebook paper titled “My Invented Naruto People.”

Art from 2008 and earlier

This is a close-up of what that looks like. XD
I made tons of villages and countries, and that meant I needed tons of ninja.


I also found ONE Yu-gi-oh! fanart hiding amongst all the Naruto-ness…but I’m not revealing that one. XD

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