Getting a New Table, Yayyyy~~

Oh my goodness. XD So last night, my parents rode the motorcycle to Dick’s Sporting Goods to pick up some hangers for our water bags (CamelBak or something) so they’ll dry easier, and before they left they showed me a picture of a drafting table-desk at Michael’s that they were going to take a look at since it was on sale.

When they got there, it was ten minutes before closing, but they were able to find the table and get the store to hold it for them at sale price. It was the last one left AND they wouldn’t be getting anymore. Wow. Good timing.

So I’m getting a drafting table! Yay~~ (It’s something like $89 at sale price, if anyone wanted to know for some reason.) Now I just need a new desk since mine is, like…old and the keyboard slider is broken…it’s being held together with tape… >.> I mean, it works and all…but…yeah.
Just saying. I can’t really put my desktop computer on the drafting table. XD Maybe I can fit my laptop on the little side part, though.

We might go pick it up today. I hope we do…I want to see it in real life and put it together and stuff… XD It also comes with a stool! Maybe it will be marginally softer than my current desk chair which, by the way, is not exactly that soft since most of the padding is, um, dead. 8D

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