School Open House

My little brother is going into the sixth grade!!! (Almost typed sith grade…wouldn’t be too far off, really.) I can’t believe it! I wish we could homeschool him instead…I don’t want him to have to endure public middle and high school. ;A; Just getting him through elementary school has been harder than it should have been. orz orz

Well, anyway…we went to the open house after church and a quick lunch, caught the sixth grade orientation speech-thing, and checked which teacher my brother has for homeroom. Ironically, his homeroom teacher was my homeroom teacher when I was in sixth grade! That’s pretty cool, and she’s nice, so my brother shouldn’t have a problem with her. I presume he’ll be fine with most of the other teachers as well; the one teacher that I didn’t get along with in sixth grade was my social studies (history/geography) teacher (seriously, she just didn’t like me oAo), and she’s not there anymore. [Un]fortunately there are some new teachers in the block too, and since I don’t know anything about them I can’t predict what will happen in their classes… ><;;

I dropped by my middle school teachers to say hello, but of course only about half of them were still there since at the end of my ninth grade year, the principal fired a lot of teachers and still more teachers quit. (The principal either didn't like some of the teachers OR she didn't like the way they taught. And the teachers that quit didn't like the principal. So there you go.) But it was so funny because none of them recognized me. XD I was like "Remember me?" and they were like "Uhm…?" Most of them thought I was a new seventh or eighth-grader. ROFL.

So I had to remind them all that I'm me, and they still didn't really recognize me. I had to say "Yeah, I used to wear glasses" and my eighth grade algebra teacher noticed that my hair is a lot longer and I'm taller (apparently…I didn't know that. Yay? ouo) so I think she might have actually recognized me a little. Honestly I'm a bit bummed. XD Guess I didn't leave much of a mark… I wasn't able to visit my ninth grade teachers (or to even see how many of them are still there) because my dad really wanted to leave to go bike riding or swimming or something lol~

Naturally my parents are going bike riding and I'm staying home with Nana because my head says ow.

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