Capsule Clue

Just finished watching the Phineas and Ferb movie with my little brother, and he immediately started watching Flipnotes on his DSi…I had to remind him that he wanted all of us to play Clue…

I don’t even like playing Clue. orz

On the upside, it rained again today and I received the clothes I bought from bootsaholic (, which I was really excited about~ I also drew a lot today and actually finished some pictures, which always makes me feel good because I’ve finished something…I didn’t procrastinate and leave it for another day! You may know since I posted about procrastination earlier, but that’s a big deal to me! Lol~

Hm~ Oh, I also watched another movie Tuesday; it was Yu-gi-oh! Capsule Monsters. My friend came over and watched it with me since neither of us had seen it before (or even knew it existed) until I saw it on Amazon while searching for a different DVD a couple of weeks ago. I kept the page open for at least a week and a half to the more expensive of the two DVDs: YGO! Capsule Monsters Part 2. I don’t know why it was more expensive since it’s basically the same length as the first one and all, but this is the cool part… I left the page open and refreshed it every day, just to make sure it wouldn’t go out of stock or anything terrible like that. oAo The price began at around $45.00. Almost every day, the price REDUCED. It was amazing! By the time I bought it, I ended up paying something like $27 for it! 8D
The other one was $12.50…lol.
Anyway, it was a great movie, although the beginning is rather choppy. XD; There wasn’t a whole lot of explanation being done…things just happened. I felt like I was being rushed! D: Sometimes the animation is oddly done too, but it evens out towards the middle of the first DVD and stays decent until the end of the second, so yay.

I like this movie because it gives all of the supporting characters a chance to be a hero. Everyone fights, everyone can hold their own individually…it’s really quite a nice change of pace. c:

(Okay, we finished playing Clue and it wasn’t as boring as usual this time because I wasn’t trying as hard lol…)

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