MTAC Tomorrow!!!

Roughly 19 hours until MTAC begins, according to the site’s countdown timer! I’m all sorts of dokidoki right now :;(∩´﹏`∩);

I’m pretty much ready, in the most general sense, I think! There are a few more details to go through… But at least the prints and bookmarks have arrived, and the stickers are printed, although there was a bit of a fiasco with the stickers. >_<

I followed the directions and edited the template with my design so it would line up properly, and printed a test page on regular paper. Then I printed it on a single sheet of sticker paper. It looked fine, but was a little close to the edge on one side, so I moved the template a little more. But then the printer went crazy or something! It started printing the images much higher than they were supposed to be; each time putting them a little higher!

My mom had the idea of going against the directions, which say to put the sticker paper on top of 25 sheets of printer paper, and put only the one sheet of sticker paper in the tray. Voila. It worked. But then the next one printed incorrectly again.

We figured out that it’s probably because of the sticker paper itself; like maybe it was leaving residue or something. So we started to alternate printing on printer paper, then sticker paper, and that seemed to work. I’m thankful to God;; Now I know how my printer treats sticker paper; maybe in the future I won’t end up wasting so many sheets. (´;ω;`)

(And maybe, if you’re going to print stickers, this may help you too…? I hope so. Lol.)

A—lso! I’ve got my Storenvy stocked! I’ll open it this weekend! Please have a look tomorrow by clicking on the “Store” tab at the top of the page. (´◡`♡) I don’t have the stickers listed, but if I have any left I will add them.

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