5- Livestreaming

Several artists I know (including myself) use Livestream or Ustream for their live broadcasts. I really enjoy watching other artists draw, and being able to do so through a live stream, even though you may be on opposite sides of the world is amazing. There’s just something really cool about that–I feel like it unites the viewer with the artist in a unique way. It’s almost like you’re sitting there with them, chatting.

Today I want to share my thoughts on Livestreaming and share a tip (that I found out the hard way) to make your Livestream experience a better one.

1. Does LSing help you focus, or does it distract you?
I do think this really depends on the person, as it can go both ways. It can be both at the same time, too. For example, when I Livestream, I’m more likely to keep working on the same picture because I want viewers to see visual progress. However, the chat box can be distracting if you have to LS using an unusual setup like I currently do (that will be changing soon, though, hopefully!) where my laptop’s iSight camera is recording my Windows screen and I can’t see the chat box without craning my neck around to see. ^^;

2. The Pros and Cons of Answering Questions via Mic
Pros: You can glance at the question, and answer verbally without having to stop drawing for more than a few seconds, and the question can be answered faster because you aren’t taking time to type it into the chat box. Also, everyone can hear the response, even if they weren’t paying attention to the chat box.

Cons: When some viewers come to your Livestream, they might mute you. Why? Sometimes they’re at school and don’t want to disturb others (or get caught? Uh…lol); sometimes it’s super late (or super early) and they don’t want to wake anyone else in the house. Or you may be playing music they don’t like so much. These viewers won’t hear answers to questions, so you’ll have to pay a bit more attention to the chat box to know that and reply there.

3. Tip: Pay Attention to Your Settings!
Speaking of music…if you’re playing any while you have your mic on, watch your settings! You don’t want to make the mistake I did and have your music recorded louder than your voice. >< Make sure the mic is being recorded at a higher volume than your computer if you LS using Livestream Procaster’s screen recording, or turn off recording of your computer’s audio so any music you may be playing will just be picked up through your mic and thus not crazy loud.

4. Drawing while watching/listening to other artists’ Livestreams
Some artists like to have some company while they draw, especially if it’s late at night and their muse is still going strong, which makes Livestreaming or tuning in to a Livestream a great solution. I like to draw while I watch someone else’s Livestream for basically the same reason–it’s like I have company and we’re drawing together! Of course this means I won’t be seeing the entirety of their Livestream, but I definitely don’t ignore it either, since it’s always interesting; seeing the way other artists do things in real time is a great way to learn new tricks and techniques! In fact, it’s how I learned about layer clipping in SAI–something I’m very grateful I came across!


Do you have a Livestream or Ustream account? Do you Livestream yourself drawing? If so, what do you usually like to work on while you LS (sketches, coloring, one picture at a time, etc.)? Or, what do you like to watch artists work on while they are Livestreaming (sketching, lineart, etc.)? Which artist “channels” are your favorite to watch? Let me know in the comments!

My LS -> fireaangel
(I haven’t Livestreamed in a while, but I will post when I do! Please look out for it. ☆)

This post is a part of my August Art series. I’ll do a Q&A post at the end of the month, so if you have an art-related question or just want to ask me something, ask away! *(*´∀`*)☆

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