My First Attempt at Tadoku (^^)ゞ

Here’s the deal.

When I signed up, I thought for some reason that the half round was actually the period for signing up for the month-long round. I was sorely mistaken, for immediately I saw how others were already reading and reading and suddenly my “modest” 75-page goal became invalid in my eyes. Why this happened I’m not sure, because I now know that had I been 100% committed to my modest goal, I would have easily passed it! *rolls eyes*

I can read a 75-page English book in one hour; yet I only amassed around 19 pages of Japanese, according to Tadoku, in fifteen days. I didn’t do so well, huh? But it was good practice I guess. :3

Instead of reading 75 pages, I reached 77th place with 19.71 pages read.

The next round will be a full-month round! Having learned my lesson with this half-round, I think I now have a better idea of what to do and I’ll try harder with a much larger goal! The schedule has been changed, so instead of May, this next round will be in June. I look forward to it!

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  1. I really felt your pain the first time I did Tadoku Contest as well. But I will tell you something, keep at it. 20 Pages seem hard now, but then you’ll be sitting in my seat easily thinking 300 was a push, and then we’ll both be sitting in BDH’s seat thinking 3000 was a push. I find that having a daily goal makes a big difference. Now I try to read half a manga volume (because I have a lot of manga right now) a day, even on non tadoku months. Maybe try to read a page, or a few a day, just to get in the habit of picking up that jp book and doing it!

    I personally love to see more people joining! keep it up!

    1. Thank you for your comment! That’s great advice; thank you. I don’t really have any physical Japanese books except a photobook (I need to get some more…), so the majority of my reading is done online. But you’re right, I should definitely try to read more each day than I am now.

      I will do my best. ;v;/ You too!
      300 pages, here I come! Lol

      1. There are lots of free books on the amazon US kindle, but even better, if you get the kindle application setup on the side, now there is a large selection of books/manga available for as little as a few bucks!
        I don’t have a kindle, but I use a kindle app on my ipad instead, but from what I’ve heard, you can get it on other tablets and phones, and even your computer.
        Best of luck! (also lots of japanese children’s stories for free online too, if you’re especially new to reading/studying, it might be a great place to start)

        1. Wow, I see! That would be really helpful. How would you set it up on
          My grandmother has a Kindle, but I don’t want to steal it from her. XD I do have an iPhone, so I just searched the app store–do you use the standard Kindle app or a different one?
          Thank you very much! I appreciate it. *^^*

          1. i got the kindle app, and an account. when it asks for the user information on the kindle app once its downloaded, just plug in your account information and then sign onto’s site to kindle book store.
            From there, you can navigate based on price and subject and what not. There is the option to buy it like standard amazon stuff, and it will send the data to your app. I find that keeping the app closed while doing it is best, then when you are done with your purchase (or freebie grab) then start the app up, should start the downloading of the information onto your phone. Let me know how it goes!

            Also older kindles, I hear there are problems, I don’t know much about that in terms of getting Japanese on them either hehe.

            Let me know how it goes for you

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