Resource Page Update! ^o^

I’ve made some updates to the resources page! I added some new ones, included some descriptions, and cleaned the page up a bit so now it looks fairly nice. I plan on doing actual reviews for some of them soon as well, and maybe some tutorials and “study” guides. (For example, using WaniKani and TextFugu along with two different grammar books.)

I still think the page could use some more work and have more resources added to it, but I’m happy with it for now. :3

In other news, I’m sooooo close to WK Level 14~

And it seems to be raining outside. o.o

We’re going to watch Rise of the Guardians again tonight because my parents and Nana haven’t seen it yet~! Even though I just watched it yesterday, I’m excited all over again!!! It’s a really good movie ^q^

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