Rambling xP

Today didn’t get off to such a good start; I had difficulty getting to sleep last night and therefore slept later today. Because of that, I was sleepy all morning and had a small headache until late afternoon. -A-

But I’m all better now! I’m just saying this before I go to bed.
I need to write something on Lang-8 too, but… I’ll leave that for tomorrow, I guess. I can talk about my guitar lesson or something.

Yes! My brother and I are taking guitar lessons now. Yaaay~

I have to finish up my second AIS assignment tomorrow and send it off. I got a letter in the mail today; they are basically looking for it in the mail so I need to hurry up and finish it. It’s mostly done!

Bah, sometimes I feel really busy and sometimes I feel like everything is lined up and under control. XD I’m just leaving it all to God!
I am looking forward to crossing more things off my to-do list. It’s rewarding to know that you’ve accomplished what you set out to do. 🙂

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