This is a sequel to my “Vacation Day 1” post.

We had to evacuate due to Hurricane Isaac, so we could not finish our beach vacation at the beach. 🙁 However, we turned it into a happy stay-cation! A stay-cation/staycation is where you have a vacation…but you do it while staying at home.

We used ours to clean our rooms, go to the pool, go walking and biking (I opted out of the biking though lol), and enjoying each others’ company! We tried to treat it as though we were still at the beach, even taking “vacation” photos like we normally would.

I actually like how this va/stay-cation has gone, despite the difficulties I had being sick on Sunday and Monday, slight depression on Tuesday, and the “time of the month” arriving today. This week has been very different, but it’s been a good week! 🙂

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