Happy Independence Day!!

Usually termed “Fourth of July” and showered in fireworks and the colors of the U.S. flag, this special day celebrates the signing of the Declaration of Independence and our separation from England. But for me, it also marks the anniversary of the day that my mom, brother, and I got baptized. 🙂 It was on Sunday, July 4th, 2010 that the three of us became free from sin and reborn in Christ! So this day will always be super special to me! (^o^)/

I do have an idea for an Independence Day picture, though I’m not sure I could sketch, line, and CG all of it in one sitting–in like, three hours or so… Besides, I want to do other stuff too! XD

Today you guys might also get a fireworks post! Yesterday night, we went to the summer celebration at Lipscomb University, where Annie Moses Band performed and fireworks went off. The fireworks were amazing, and the Annie Moses Band is always great. (>w<) My mom recorded a video of the fireworks on her phone while I took pictures with my digital camera.

I think those pictures will make a good textures pack for making icons and other graphics~ (I still need to get WinZip. Arrrg.)

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