Spring! Pokemon! New Picture!

Spring is here! It’s been rather warm the last few days, and there was quite a storm over Tennessee yesterday. We drove the Jeep through a lot of rain to follow a four-wheeler and Jeep trail over by Franklin, TN. Luckily, while we were actually on the trail, it wasn’t raining. :3 On the way back, though, there was a ton of lightning. It was rather creepy. o.o No rain for a while, just a lot of lightning…

It’s been lovely so far today, though! We went to church and came back to a yard in need of mowing and plants with fresh shoots and vibrantly-colored leaves. It amazes me how you can cut off a part of a plant and in time, new shoots will come out of that place. New life. A new beginning. Spring is a great season to start fresh. :3 That’s one of the things I like about it. I think that’s why so many people have a week of Spring cleaning…the start of the season just inspires one to start over again~

I finally beat the eighth gym leader in my Soul Silver game…and that means I’m finally progressing the story! I immediately went back behind the gym and entered the Dragons’ Den, received the approval of the master, went back home to New Bark Town to get the Master Ball, and then went to Ecruteak to defeat the Kimono Girls. I am supposed to head over to Whirl Islands next.
I like progressing the story after a lot of training, finding items, battling trainers, and catching Pokemon… When it takes you a long time to get through the events that progress the story, I think it’s a lot more fun in the long run. If you just rush through with a handful of Pokemon and beat the game without doing hardly any of the extra stuff, it’s very boring and beating the game isn’t much of a reward. ^^; That’s why I like to take my time. :3
I always choose the water-type starter; they seem to have more strengths against more types of Pokemon. The next important one is a flying-type. They make up for the water-type weakness to grass, and they are good against bug-types as well. I usually end up having another water-type for some reason…in this case I have both Feraligatr and Dewgong. The rest of my party varies depending on the game and the Pokemon. Having a ground-type Pokemon makes up for the water- and flying-type weakness to electric-types, but I usually just bowl them over with Surf. xP
I’ve never really drawn any Pokemon fanart and I don’t really follow the anime, but now I want to try drawing some fanart for it. Ahaha;; We’ll see.

My schedule this past week hasn’t gone so well, but I’m still drawing and still making an effort. I uploaded something to DeviantART, which is pretty cool. XD It’s been a while since I’d uploaded there and HimeKitten inspired me to upload something. ^^ Thanks!! <3


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