It’s been quite rainy outside both yesterday and today~ I’ve been drawing, of course. <3 While listening to photobook-making-of DVDs, I've been sketching pictures for my refreshed artbook. Yayyy~

About that…I decided to start over again after finding several problems with my setup and plans for the original project (Seishun no Seiki~Daiji na Kimochi!~). My journal on deviantART has more info on this and how I arrived at the decision.

Well, my birthday was November 10th (yes, that’s twelve days ago), which is when I posted the song translation (the previous post) BUT I have yet to do a present haul of any sort. I keep neglecting to take pictures…then again, I’ve already used some of the gifts and taking pictures really wouldn’t make a difference now lol.

I received many lovely cards. ;w; And I also got several birthday wishes on dA, Twitter, by email, and by text~ The road-paving people also paved our road on my birthday, so I guess that counts as a present too. XD Nice, smooth road~ Thanks, guys. XD
I got a $25 iTunes gift card that I used almost right away (I made myself wait until a day or two later lol), and $225 in cash/check. My brother gave me the very first volume of Yu-gi-oh! and we had a German Chocolate cake. I didn’t like the icing, though the cake itself was very good. The next day we had a birthday dinner for me at Grandmother’s house, which was excellent as always, and I got a drawing kit, an extra pad/pencil set to go with the drawing kit, and a pair of stockings too. Then on Saturday evening, my mom, brother and I went out to eat dinner at Jason’s Deli, stop by Michael’s (arts & crafts store), and Barnes & Noble. I only bought four Copics because a) I didn’t want to spend a whole lot in one go, and b) they were nearly gone anyway–there was barely anything to choose from!

We went back to Michael’s this past Saturday and AGAIN their Copics were picked over, so I got three. XD See, they are finally carrying them and I guess people swarmed…I’m also guessing they restock at the beginning of the week, which means that those who come by Saturday are left with the remains…

So yes! Aside from having a bit of a meltdown on the actual day of my birthday, when I discovered all those problems with my artbook and was trying not to look back at the past or reminisce, I had a great birthday weekend! 🙂

Sore de…

Thanksgiving is this week, huh? In two days, actually. Wow. Time seems to be passing by like it did when I was in China–each day passes so s-l-o-w-l-y but before you know it, it’s next week and you realize it actually went by rather quickly. o.o In reality, time passes just the same, doesn’t it? It all depends on what we do with it that makes it seem long or short.

Hmm…what else could I update you on? I’m tired. LOL.
My mom found someone who knows someone and maybe I’ve got a printer to print my artbook! We’ll see once I get to talk to them.

OH! And I got my hair trimmed and recolored Friday. 😀
hair color~
Not that you can really tell that it’s trimmed in this picture. XD It feels so much shorter to me but everyone insists that it’s still incredibly long. ^^;

*yawn* It’s this part of the day that I get tired… If I get up and move around I wake up but I really think I want to take a nap this time lol. zzzzzzz I should get back to my 9-10 bedtime schedule orz orz I don’t even know why I got off it. -A-

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