Breakfast Shake, Artbook, & Tutorials


Yesterday Nana and I went shopping for juicing supplies and we stopped at the local health food store to pick up a few things too. While we were there, she told me to pick out which one of the Spiru-tein shake mixes I would choose if I were going to drink one. So I chose the peanut butter and chocolate one…and then she bought it for me! o.o

It’s a supplemental sort of drink, kind of like a meal replacement shake, with 100% of the recommended amount of a lot of different vitamins and minerals. My brother already drinks the chai latte kind, but that was originally so that he would get more nutrients (he doesn’t like vegetables) and slim down some (because the shake really does fill you up!) but I wasn’t drinking any because…well, partially it’s because that saves money, and parially it’s because I didn’t think I needed it. But Nana said that since I’m not taking any vitamins or supplements OR drinking the juice that we juice almost every day (again, saves money if I don’t drink it ^^; ) I need something, so she got me that shake mix. It’s $22. ;A; I had some this morning, and like I said, it really is filling! It tastes pretty good too, though I did use my chocolate almond milk, so that probably made it taste better. Lol. I will use a blender next time, though, because simply stirring it doesn’t work very well. There were lots and lots of dry powder clumps and I basically had to break them up as I got to them. ^^; I couldn’t finish all of it and ended up dumping out the very last bit…

I’m not tired this morning like I have been a few days this past week and a half or so…yay for vitamins! XD


Yesterday morning I did some pricing estimates and calculations on my artbook…the printing, the preorder prices, the regular prices, the $10 donations to Japan… And I came up with this:

If I print 70 copies and sell all of them, that will raise almost $700, which I’ll donate to an organization for disaster relief efforts in Japan! $700!

I really hope I sell out. XD;

And then print more and sell out again.

I feel that I’m a lot closer to actually completing this project than I was at the beginning of the year, and that sounds silly to say because of course I am–I’ve been doing the work (drawing) necessary. But I have to explain that a bit; I have just under a month to get the rest of it done. My deadline is for transferring everything into a PDF, so I’ve given myself a week or two to figure out how to do that, and I have a dummy copy, and I’ll probably make another one when I’ve finished more pictures. This extra time gives me a bit of cushion between phase one completion and phase two completion (printing); however, it’s not a lot of overlay. And yet, I feel…calm, I guess? I mean, it’s not like I don’t notice the small sense of urgency, but…I’m not all that worried.

Now, when I look back at what I had wanted to do these past two weeks in comparison to what I actually have done, I really feel the urgency. But that’s useless, really. It’s just a sense of panic, and that’s not going to help anyone. What’s going to help is action. And as long as I keep going, I’ll get somewhere. As long as I keep aiming for my goal, I’m eventually going to hit it.

So my point is I feel like I’ve made a lot of progress; perhaps what will make this make more sense is adding ‘in a short period of time.’ Sometimes it’s like I’ve improved overnight. Like, suddenly…BAM! I can do this! And…fill in the blank.

Yesterday I didn’t draw at all. But the day before, I drew the whole day, so I guess the break was needed. In spite of that, I need to draw every day! My original goal was to finish one picture per day, or at least sketch something every day. Overestimating my ability to finish a picture in less than five hours is an extreme flaw… XD; Gotta speed up that CGing process…uuu. I have been doing a lot of sketches though! And like I said, I’ve made lots of progress…I’ve done a lot of CGing lately and what needs finishing in several pictures is the background…


OH. Another thing… My brother wants me to make a ‘How to Draw Manga/Anime’ book. XD And he’s very specific about what he wants to learn from it! He wants me to teach how to draw muscles (he draws Dragonball Z stuff), faces, hands, clothing, hair, wrinkles in clothing, shoes, feet, all that stuff. XD But since I’ve never drawn a DBZ picture even once, I told him I’d have to learn how to draw that style before I even tried to teach him how!

“Besides,” I said, “you can just buy my artbook! It has tutorials in it!”

To which he replied, “But can’t you give it to me for free? I’m your brother!”

“Well, then, you can have one of the proof copies.”


I don’t know how many proof copies I’ll may only take one (which would be amazing) but I’m realistically thinking two. So yeah, he can have one of those to keep for himself…

What sorts of things would you like to see in my tutorials? (I’m doing three or four; still deciding.)

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