18th Birthday!

Today is my birthday! So as of today, I am officially eighteen. o.o Wow…

Friday night there was a surprise birthday party for me at the local FUJI restaurant. We ate at the hibachi grill there and it was SO COOL. I was so happy to see lots of family members there; we sat around the grill and watched the chefs prepare food right in front of us! My mom and I wore our kimonos that Nana had made for us to wear at my sixteenth birthday party (she would have worn hers too, but she was shopping before coming to the restaurant and couldn’t change into it, so the kimono-ed ones were just my mom and me). It was so nice!! And my uncle and aunt came!

I got a lot of wonderful birthday cards, a very special, handmade necklace made out of white gold bearing the Hebrew words for ‘A pure heart,’ a camera, money (lol), a $25 gift card to Hobby Lobby, an arts &crafts carrying case, Yu-gi-oh! cards (limited collector’s edition set featuring new limited editions of Blue Eyes White Dragon, Dark Magician, and Red Eyes Black Dragon as well as the three Egyptian god cards), the Japanese Shadowing book and CD I’d requested, Bimoji Training Kanji game for DS, a pretty Asian bowl, and a Selena Gomez CD. …I…think that’s it. o.o;; XD;

I also got some lovely birthday wishes from people on DeviantART and several forums. ;u; Thanks, guys!!

Today I went with my mom to her work and got to meet a Japanese woman~ It was cool; we talked a bit and I could understand her, and she could understand me… Yay!! Then, tonight, I dressed up in my kimono again and went to church wearing it. >u<b Needless to say, I turned a lot of heads. XD;

Thank you, everyone, for all your kind words and support. And thank you, God, for blessing me with such wonderful family and friends, and this life.

It’s almost 11:00 PM now, so it will be November 11th soon. I just wanted to make sure I blogged about all of this today instead of tomorrow! I have had a good day today, and I look forward to the blessings of the coming year. For now, oyasumi nasai (good night)!

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