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Every month, I will do one song translation request for FREE. However, commissioned song translations will be completed first, and are guaranteed to be translated, whereas requests are not.

*To request a FREE song translation, read the rules below and leave a comment on this page. It’s as simple as that. (*^ ^*)

If you would like to COMMISSION a song translation, you can choose to pay directly via Paypal, or make a donation towards my website hosting bill.

*To commission a song translation (or other type of translation), read the rules below and fill out the form here.
*If paying by Paypal, please provide a valid email address to which I can send an invoice. I will begin translation ONLY AFTER receiving payment.

*If paying towards my hosting bill, follow the directions below the rules. ^^

What will I translate? At the moment, I will translate songs, blog posts, and short articles/interviews. (short article example) (short interview example)

For songs, please donate at least $20 (if Paypal: $20 standard, or $10-15 if the song is short)
For blog posts, please donate at least $30 (if Paypal: ask–it depends on length)
For short articles, please donate at least $40 (if Paypal: ask–it depends on complexity)

Blog/short article specialty: idol/entertainment industry-related, beauty/fashion-related, manga/anime-related

Why flat rates and not per word? Because I am not prepared to do that yet, and it makes it easier in regards to donations towards my hosting bill.


My translations, for now, are primarily for fans for informational use. I do not promise that my translation is 100% correct, and therefore I cannot at this time translate things such as legal documents, historical articles, or resumes. At the moment I only translate from Japanese to English. At such point in time when this changes, I will update this article.

I reserve the right to refuse or postpone a translation request or commission, due to schedule, personal reasons, presence of content such as that listed above, etc. In the event that I need to postpone a request, I will inform you by response to comment, by notice via email, or by general blog post. In order to ensure that you receive such an update, as well as the translation, please make sure that you are subscribed to my blog. 😉

You are allowed to use my song translations in videos, and on graphics such as banners. In either case, please credit me with a link back to either this page or my homepage:
With the exception of use in lyric videos, you are not allowed to repost my translations in their entirety on another site, including your own; however, you may share links to my translations via outlets such as social media or your personal website.

Whew! Okay, now that the formal stuff is out of the way… ^^

How does this work (for donations to website hosting bill)?

  1. Read the rules and the disclaimer. If you understand and agree, great! Go to step 2. 😀
  2. Click the donate button on the sidebar and follow the directions.
  3. (Um, well…donate.)
  4. Copy the confirmation info and paste it into the “Hosting donation proof” section of the form, making sure to include the amount you’ve donated.
  5. Fill out the rest of the info, leaving the Paypal email field blank, and submit the form!

A few notes that will help both of us:

  • Please do not source song lyrics from 2ch. A good alternative is Kasi-Time.
  • For Hello!Project/Up-Front songs, check Project!Hello first; if the song you are looking for is listed on Project!Hello but has no translation, you can use that page as a source for the original Japanese. 🙂
  • I do not translate from romaji (see example below) because it is extremely difficult to do so. There are many words in Japanese that have the same pronunciation and when written, the kanji is what helps to tell them apart. Please provide the original Japanese page you would like to have translated (often called S-JIS), or a high-quality scan of the lyric sheet or article.

Examples (taken from Juice=Juice’s “Hajimete wo Keikenchuu”):
(Romaji) Koi wo shiteiru massaichuu   totsuzen samishii
(S-JIS or Japanese lyrics) 恋をしている真っ最中 突然寂しい

(If the Japanese characters show up as boxes or botched text, check your computer and browser settings to make sure you have Japanese language support enabled. Switching the “Character Encoding” option in your browser to Unicode or S-JIS may fix the problem also.)

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask! ^^

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