Wow. August feels so far away.

So I’ve spent most of last week and today exporting video and audio files, deleting unnecessary files, and moving around a lot of stuff on my laptop in preparation for a data migration to my new iMac… I’m getting the last (and largest) files moved onto a flash drive now, which is taking a while because of the complex process I have to go through in order to move them… After that I can make a back up of everything and get the ball rolling with the migration!

I’m excited and nervous at the same time. ><

It will be a welcome change; certainly a useful one, especially after I get the other components set up, like upgrading my laptop and replacing the battery, and getting Parallels or something similar to get SAI working on my iMac… It’ll be nice to be up-to-date again too; no more having to do workarounds because a program won’t run on your outdated OS; no more not being able to print from any laptop because the printer is only hooked up to the Windows machine… TvT

I’m so very grateful for and look forward to the new workspace and the new opportunities and resources that will be available to me. ;v;

I’m rambling a bit, I think. I’m just tired, I guess. ^^; Finally getting all of this out of the way will help a whole lot with all sorts of things, though. ๐Ÿ™‚

Good night <3

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