Going to Bed Early。


Last night I stayed up late reading fanfiction. I do that sometimes if I really feel like reading or if I just feel bored. The only problem is I tend to read a lot of it;;; Then, before I know it, it’s morning. ((((;゜Д゜)))

It’s a bit risky. (^_^;)ゞ

Right now I’m re-reading (for the third time!) one of my favorite Naruto fanfics called “Cat O’Nine Tails” by Kaze and Kiba on Fanfiction.NET. It was last updated in January and I’m eagerly awaiting the next update……! I want to draw fanart for it, but I’m not sure which scene I want to draw. :3c

Um, so…yeah. I was really sleepy this afternoon, so I’m going to go to bed early tonight.

Hopefully tomorrow I’ll have more energy!☆


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    1. Hi! Thanks for commenting! I was actually thinking of your fanfic just a few days ago. I think I’ll read it again and draw something this time ♡

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