It’s like I’ve been going nonstop! @-@ Today I finally finished scanning in all the art in my “Finished” binder, which was a huge accomplishment since that binder is as full as it can get. My scanning endeavors are far from over, however. I have several more binders, folders, and photos (photos of stuff too big to scan, like the posters I make for my brother on his birthday and on Christmas) to go! And I’m quite sure I have old art stashed in other places too. orz Goodness. No wonder I felt overwhelmed at certain points of my life, what with all these drawings I intended to finish at one time or another. I had a mental checklist ten miles long! It feels nice to finally be clearing that out. ;_;

This isn’t a rant or anything; just an update of sorts since I’ve barely blogged at all in the past month.

I kinda feel like my mind has been in four wheel drive the past week, if that makes any sense at all. XD; By the end of each day I’ve been thoroughly exhausted, which is unusual for me. Perhaps I’m trying to multitask without realizing it, but… I don’t know. I’m trying to stay focused on each thing I do without letting other things distract me. It’s not always easy, you know. I’m surrounded by things reminding me of stuff I need to do at some point. Lol.

This month, February, is the month in which I am focusing a bit more on AIS, clearing out backlog, and getting my website in order. As I said in an older website update:

“See, I realized that HTML coding and layout design really isn’t something I love doing. I mean, the layout design can be fun, but when it comes to coding and the know-how of all these terms and platforms it’s scary because I have barely a clue as to what they mean or what they do. o_o; So by making all of this easier on myself, it won’t be such a chore to update my website; I will have fewer “full” websites, and that will be less I’ll have to keep up with.”

Thus, like many websites before it, Yuki-Online has been switched over to WordPress, and already I feel so much better about it. There’s so much less to worry about. Lord willing, by the end of February, it will be fully functioning and hold no placeholder pages whatsoever!

…I feel tired, but if I go to bed early instead of at 11:30 PM I will feel better tomorrow. XD

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