Yuki no Kotoba’s Year-end Summary 2012

Looking at your blog stats is always interesting. You discover not only how many views you get each day, but also your most popular categories, tags, and posts, and what viewers searched for that led them to your blog. I’ve never done a year-end summary before, but since a few months ago I’ve been planning to do one. Let’s see how Yuki no Kotoba did this year!

Top Posts

1. Tofugu’s 30-Days to Being a Better Japanese Learner E-book (Day 18)

In this post I talked about Day 18, which concentrates on eliminating your weak point. I stated that my weak point was Japanese sentences, or rather, the forming of my own Japanese sentences, and listed reasons for the weakness and solutions to remedy it.

2. [Tokyo Girls’ Style] Onnaji Kimochi (Romaji, Translation)

I translated “Onnaji Kimochi” (The Same Feeling) for SimpleSubs. I don’t think we actually subbed the PV, but the translation seems to be reaching those who are looking for it anyway! I’m glad I could help!

3. [C-ute] Kanashiki Heaven (S-JIS, Romaji, Translation)

I LOVE this song! I translated it as soon as I heard it because I loved it from the first few lines.

4. [Hatsune Miku] Flowertone (Romaji, English)

This translation sat on my computer for a long time because I couldn’t quite figure out one part of it, but once I did I posted it right away. Somehow the lyrics are soft, even though the song itself is very upbeat, which is interesting.

5. Akai-chan (kid version)

I drew this picture as I was taking a break from drawing a certain page for my artbook. Aka is soooo adorable! I need to draw her more.

Other top pages and posts included Learning Japanese, my profile, and more translation/Japanese-related posts. Conclusion: Viewers this year tended to be interested in learning Japanese and/or finding translations of Japanese songs.

Top Categories and Tags

1. Japanese
2. translation
3. Tofugu/Tofugu-related

Top Searches

1. translations – I found that most searches in this year were for translations.
2. Tofugu/TextFugu/WaniKani-related search terms – There were several of these this year, as well as general Japanese learning-related searches.
3. art-related search terms – These ranged from AIS to specific art searches.

Thanks to everyone for your support!

Goals for Next Year

  • Write reviews. Next year I want to post reviews on the Japanese learning products and resources that I have used, books I have read, and other things that I want to write a review of. 😀
  • Be more proactive. Post more art and photos, and share more of the things I like.

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