T_T (Rant post; you don’t have to read)


I hate this. I really do.

I was fine, and then my laptop spontaneously shut off AGAIN, losing my entire post because Firefox for some reason didn’t recover my session like it has EVERY SINGLE OTHER TIME.

And now I am crying for the third time today! Joy. T_T

What’s wrong, you ask? Well, first of all, yesterday I got a letter in the mail from AIS (the letter that I call the “late letter”) telling me some tips on staying focused and scheduling and what not and that they are looking forward to seeing my next assignment. So that made me sad because I was going to send in this assignment like, two weeks ago, but was so busy I didn’t work on it much, or didn’t want to work on it much. So of course today I tried. I can’t even describe my frustration with it.

The male model is standing in an off-position, and his back is so contorted I don’t even… *rolls* I liked the version I had going, but I erased parts and tried to make them better, thus making me hate it, thus making me turn it backwards facing the light so I could see the reverse image–or that it only looks even WORSE that way! But then I did the same thing to the model page in the book and yep, that guy is contorted all right. No wonder I was having trouble. But that only made me burst into tears and throw my paper off somewhere and slam the book onto my drafting table because I found out I’d have to erase basically everything aside from the head in order to correct the problems I’d drawn.

Fun, right?


And there are other things annoying me too…like the fact that my laptop has been shutting off (running out of battery power) an average of twice a day…almost daily. ๐Ÿ˜ I’m not talking about normal battery usage. Normal is where it gets down to 20%-ish and notifies me, and I plug it in. This is not normal. This is where the battery is at 35%-ish and spontaneously shuts off without any warning whatsoever, in which case I plug it in and turn it back on, and then I have to type in the password to the internet (this has happened so often that I’ve memorized the password), open up the Date & Time so my computer can remember what day, month, and year it is, and then open up Firefox and any other applications I had open. Firefox always saves whatever I was doing…except for this time. ๐Ÿ˜


I don’t want to have to keep it plugged in all the time…that’s so lame. But I guess I’ll have to? At least until we are able to get another battery, which I’m just assuming won’t be until next August when I get an iMac. But I’m not even concerned about that, really… It’s definitely something I can wait on, especially when it costs $125-ish for the new battery before taxes and stuff. There’s a budget limit on what I can ask for for Christmas, and $125 wipes out the budget, leaving my brother with nothing. So yes.

I’ll… Somehow I have to finish this assignment. Certain things just have to come before other things, and this is one of them.

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