2 in 32!

Hello! The time changes tomorrow back to standard time ( right now we are on Daylight Savings Time) and also tomorrow is WATS! WATS stands for “We Are The Sermon” and we go out into the community to help out! It’s really great every year and even though it can sometimes take a lot of work, I look forward to it.

Thus, I am trying to go to bed a bit earlier tonight so I wake up refreshed and ready to help!

Today, with my mom and little brother, I walked two miles in 32 minutes! At the end of it, I was ready to fall over! I need to exercise more lol.

I also drew for my NaNoWriMo~ It isn’t done though, so I can’t count it. But I did make progress! I’m happy about that. ^^

Today’s NaNoWriMo count: 0

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