Forum Re-purpose?

My Mahou no Ichigo forum was originally created so that I could stay in contact with my friends from school after my parents got divorced and we moved to a location with very poor cell phone reception. Needless to say, that plan didn’t work too well. The forum is decidedly dead, even after I opened it up to everyone else (my online friends and then some).

I tried to make it a general forum where people could come and talk about lots of things rather than just a specific fandom or genre. But that didn’t really work either.

Now I’m thinking I should just re-purpose it altogether into a “character bag” forum. That’s really all I’m using it for…each thread is for a different character, and each user has a separate board that holds characters. There are also other boards for roleplay, commissions, and general talk. Ideas and opinions on this would be welcome. Oh, and you’re welcome to join, too. xP

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