Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

31 Dec

Well, I didn’t post anything on here for Christmas, but I did upload a picture: 🙂 Seems like there’s going to be rain tonight, which might ruin some people’s plans for fireworks… Fireworks went off Wednesday as some sort … Read More »

Stop Distracting Me!!! D;

22 Nov

There is a question I am asking myself right now: “Why is it so hard to stay committed?” I wrote a blog entry about controlling the habit of overcomitting, and one about ceasing procrastination, and both have helped me. However, I … Read More »

18th Birthday!

11 Nov

Today is my birthday! So as of today, I am officially eighteen. o.o Wow… Friday night there was a surprise birthday party for me at the local FUJI restaurant. We ate at the hibachi grill there and it was SO … Read More »